Efecte as an investment

Efecte as an investment

Our most important competitive advantages are based on an agile and easy-to-use cloud-based offering with low total cost of ownership for customers. Offering software as a service (SaaS) is based on long-term contracts, meaning stable and predictable recurring revenue as well as conditions for good profitability.

1. Scalable and stable SaaS-based business model

Company’s service management solution scales easily for customers of different sizes, even in new markets. Our services can be taken into use quickly from the cloud, and their implementation and operating costs are low, decreasing total cost of ownership.

2. Ready, cloud-based solution proven in practice

Our cloud-based solution comprises integrated products for Service Management, Identity Governance and Administration and Conversational AI, and we keep investing in product development to maintain our competitive advantages. We provide our clients with a solution that is developed and expanded constantly, and have an extensive portfolio of customer case studies to prove the benefits.

3. We target European organizations and local service providers

We are one of the leading SaaS providers in our space for large, medium-sized and public organizations in Finland and the Nordic countries, measured in terms of the number of clients. According to company management estimate, we are especially competitive in the European mid-market customer segment. Our customers value information staying in the desired country and continent or even data center infrastructure appointed by the customer, which all decrease data security risks related to privacy.


4. Broad client base with good retention rates

Long-lasting client relationships and a client base divided between different industries form the foundation for our stable growth. Our aim is to expand the use of the solution in the course of time accross solution areas, through value-added additional products and expanding the use of Efecte solution to other functions within existing clients' organizations.

5. Rapidly growing global market

In a rapidly digitizing world, the market for cloud based Service and Identity Management as well as Conversational AI solutions is expected to continue on a strong growth trajectory. Our key growth market in Central, South and Eastern Europe have in the past been slower to discover the benefits of cloud based solutions, but are quickly picking up. For example only in Germany, the market share of medium-sized organizations is many times larger in size compared to the Nordic countries.

6. We are the European Alternative to the Global Players in our space

We are currently investing heavily in international expansion with the aim of becoming the leading European player in our space. Our headquarters is located in Finland and we have regional hubs in Sweden, Germany, Poland and Spain. In addition to our direct markets, we operate through partners within EMEA. The investments into international expansion have started to pay off with our international net sales growing at even faster pace than our overall net sales.